We rent our space to you!

If you are a trainer in need of a closed, secure space for training sessions, or if you have a dog and seek such a space for play or training exercises, we offer exactly what you need.

The Arcanist training school is located at Vaktrianis 37, 157 72 Zografou.

It’s a semi-basement space (3 steps down) consisting of a main, unified area of 45 sq.m. with a central column, and natural lighting from closed-type windows covered with blinds on 2/4 walls. There are also three auxiliary areas: a kitchen, a WC, and a storage room for company products, all isolated with doors.

The space is air-conditioned and equipped with treats, toys, leashes, combs, and grooming scissors, as well as educational equipment available for use and sale.

There is also a typical pharmacy for any emergencies.

Most importantly, the entire floor is covered with non-slip carpeting, specially treated and disinfected after each use, making it suitable even for unvaccinated puppies.

In this space, besides training and play, you can host seminars and online sessions that you would like to conduct.

Located very close to the city center, a 10-minute drive or bus ride from Evangelismos metro station, or 5 minutes from Megaro Mousikis metro station, it is also a 3-minute walk from the forested areas of the University Campus / Student Residences in Ano Ilisia, ideal for walks or continuing training in an open space.

Contact us to receive additional material regarding the general and specific terms of space usage, information on hygiene/cleanliness, and safety of our space, as well as our pricing catalog.

Upon appointment, you can visit our space, ensuring the realization of your training sessions, rain or shine, without cancellations and under perfectly safe and practical terms of use.

Fill out the interest form here, leave us a message at, or call us at 210 7006791.

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