CaniCross training in Athens.

Canicross is an impressive off-road recreational activity that has been gaining more and more followers worldwide in recent years. It is a combination of cross-country running and dog training in the form of a sport. Running with a dog developed from the need to exercise sled dogs during snowless periods. Exercising with your dog positively affects their socialization, provides mutual release, and strengthens your bond.

Interested individuals can join the canicross team whenever they wish. The initial goal of the training is to achieve 5 km and then gradually increase it. We cater to those who already have running in their lives and to those who are ready to start! In any case, no prior knowledge or experience in dog training is required; we take care of that with the basic obedience training plan for the sport (directions, speed, behavior during training, in public spaces). 

Additionally, we provide participants in the program with:

  • Access to the purchase of specialized Canicross equipment.
  • Training on safety and health issues during the sport.

Useful information:

  • All dogs must be at least one year old (12 months).
  • Approval from your veterinarian for the dog’s participation in the training.
  • Beginner classes are open to individuals of any fitness level.
  • Use of appropriate equipment (waist belt, connecting leash, harness, athletic attire).
  • In case of any concerns related to the dog’s behavior and ability to participate in the classes, contact the class trainer immediately.

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