Professional supervision service for dog trainers/behavior consultants.

Objectives – Why is it an important and useful service for the supervisee?
●  Targeted improvement of service performance
●  Emotional and cognitive support for the supervisee
●  Enrichment of skills and knowledge
●  Safety and protection of clients and dogs, in accordance with professional ethics
●  Safety of the supervisee during their professional activities

Who is it for?
●  Professional behavior consultants for dogs
●  Trainee professionals

ARCANIST Supervisor: Christos Panagoulis.
With ten years of experience in consultancy and monitoring seminars and workshops across a wide range of approaches and training techniques. Specializing in behavior management and modification using modern methods.

What does it include?
●  Case analysis
●  Development of behavior modification plans
●  Skill and knowledge development in the subject, in both theoretical and practical aspects.
●  Support in creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with clients

When and how can supervision be conducted?
●  Based on the needs and capabilities of the supervisee, weekly, biweekly, or monthly, by agreement and data consideration, depending on the experience and workload of the supervisee.
●  Through individual or group sessions
●  In-person at the Arcanist training school (37 Vaktrianis Street, 15772 Zografou, Athens) or online

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