Mind the dog

Our philosophy

The dog bites, plays, chases, explores, sleeps, enjoys, tests its own limits and those of humans, gets anxious, gets bored, has energy, learns, listens, doesn’t listen, communicates…

Watch the dog!!! Learn about it and from it!!!

The primary goal is the well-being of the pet, with education as the main tool, through its coexistence with humans in the modern environment. With over ten years of experience in training and counseling, and with continuous evolution, the Arcanist team, in the role of “craftsman,” works according to the unique characteristics of each dog and person, aiming to develop the unique relationship between them.

Because love alone is not enough, Arcanist aims to create an interactive framework that will serve as a platform for every scientific and evidence-based opinion and every applied and successful practice centered on the dog, so that its well-being becomes a given part of everyday life. The team will be by your side with personalized services, knowledge, experience, research, and methodology, always guided by social responsibility and contribution.

It is constantly evolving and ready to face new challenges and questions, making suggestions and providing practical solutions.

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