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Our philosophy

Dogs bite, play, hunt, explore, sleep, enjoy, they try to find humans’ boundaries as well as their own, they are getting stressed, bored, the are full of energy, they learn, they listen or not, they communicate…

Mind the dog!!! Learn about it and from it!!!

The primary goal is the well-being of the pets, using as a main tool the act of training, through the dogs’ coexistence with humans, in a modern environment. With over ten years of experience in the field of training and consulting and with its continuous development, the Arcanist team, in the role of the "craftsman", works according to the different characteristics of each dog and each human, in order to develop a unique relationship between them.

Love as a factor is not always enough, that is why Arcanist aims to create an interactive format, that will set a platform where every scientific and documented opinion and every applied and successful practice, that focuses on the dog, will be expressed, so that its well-being becomes an established part of everyday life. Our team will be by your side, with personalized services, knowledge, experience, research and methodology, always guided by social responsibility and contribution.

We are constantly evolving and this makes us ready to face new challenges and answer new questions, making suggestions and giving practical solutions.


Social Cooperative Enterprise "Arcanist". Actions for animal welfare.

Vaktrianis 37, Zografou

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