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BH acquisition

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Obedience lessons is required

The BH test (from the German word “Begleithundprüfung,” which translates as "traffic-sure companion dog test"), is a test during which the dog is asked to perform specific commands, in a specific environment and to follow its handler, calmly, in public traffic conditions.

The operating judge evaluates the dog in each test and determines whether the examination is successful or unsuccessful for obtaining a diploma. In our country, the BH diploma is a process required, in order to participate in some dog sports. A process every dog can (and maybe should) go through, because it includes preparation and examination, which help in developing abilities and skills that dogs and handlers need to have, thus contributing to a better communication, a stronger relationship and an acceptable social behavior. The test includes:

  1. Written examination for the handler
  2. Examination at the training field
  3. Test in traffic

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